Fibre King Pty Ltd

Fibre King Pty Ltd
Fibre King Pty Ltd
Manufacture-CLONTARF, QLD
Manufacture-Clontarf, QLD
The best production machinery should deliver more uptime and lower overall cost of use. If you need end of line packaging machinery that won't give you endless headaches, we can help you. ..
9 Oasis Court, Clontarf, Qld, 4019.
9 Oasis Court, Clontarf, Qld, 4019.
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The best production machinery should deliver more uptime and lower overall cost of use. If you need end of line packaging machinery that won't give you endless headaches, we can help you. Fibre King machines have been used around the world for over 50 years. The Fibre King difference is in our elegant, functional design, robust manufacturing and our 'No Excuses Service' policy. We offer customised solutions for all kind of industries: from fresh produce and meat through to bottled and packaged goods and pharmaceuticals. Contact us for case packers, palletisers, crate automation and meat equipment, as individual machines or complete lines. We'll make it easy for you to get exactly what you need (not just what we want to sell you).

If you need end of line packaging equipment that won't give you endless headaches, we can help you.

The Fibre King difference is simply this:

less down-time plus
lower overall cost of use,
delivered via exceptional service.
You'll enjoy less down-time because our machines are designed and manufactured to stand up to constant rigorous use. Changeovers happen quickly and seamlessly, and we provide easy access for maintentance and upgrades, plus competitively priced spares.

It's in our strategic design – we make a study of the end use and create a machine that does what it needs to most efficiently, using the best technology available.

Our classic packaging equipment designs are tailored to your exact requirements; and the beauty is that if your requirements change, the equipment can be converted to suit.

In fact, we offer "No Excuses Service", which is just that. Service when you need it, no excuses.

... there's the security of knowing that you are buying the world standard in packaging equipment. After 88 years of doing what we do, we can safely say that we know our stuff. And that's probably why Fibre King equipment is exported all over the globe, into highly competitive markets. We're often told there's nothing that comes close to the quality we provide – by people who make it their business to procure packaging equipment.

We offer technically advanced end of line packaging solutions for all kind of industries: from fresh produce and meat through to bottled and packaged goods and pharmaceuticals. Fibre King engineers and designers work closely with you to tailor our systems to your specific needs.

And another thing: we like to employ visionary thinking to investigate new opportunities and create innovative solutions to category-specific challenges. All our clients benefit from our Research and Development. Our machines are designed to be easily upgraded – so when we make it even better, we keep you up to speed.

Fibre King has a pedigree Australian heritage. We started as R.L. Windsor & Son, a small blacksmithing operation in 1926 and remain 100% Australian owned and operated. Our location in one of the world's most stable economies lends strength to our guarantee of service and longevity.

A technical challenge! We're engineers at heart. We love the satisfaction of knowing that what we've made fits the end use and the end user perfectly. We like our designs to be elegant and functional, and we build them to last for decades. Knowing that production managers prefer "a Fibre King" is our greatest reward.

We're good to our people.

This means they tend to stay around for longer, making good use of company-supported personal and career development.

We have a remarkable average employee age of 38, with an average of 11 years employment. There is no ceiling in the Fibre King organisational structure, which means anyone can move into management, with the right amount of effort. We have many success stories of staff completing secondary, tertiary and post graduate studies – even our CEO started in the engineering design department 19 years ago!

So, we have a talented, creative team that works within the kinds of precise systems and standardisation only developed through long-term, motivated employment. What does this mean for you? Exceptional service from every department, no matter where you are in the world, by people who want to make a difference.

We take a global approach to everything we do, especially when it comes to being green. Our research and development is focused on environmentally sustainable ways to approach all aspects of our design and manufacture. We recently worked with Coles Group to develop specialised equipment for returnable packaging crates, which are fast replacing fibre, or cardboard, as a means of transporting food.

There are now thousands of Fibre King packaging machines in operation around the world, and we've won many export and packaging awards. 

Under the guidance of our CEO Earle Roberts, Fibre King has increased its profits throughout the economic downturn. We are actively exporting to South East Asia; including China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand; and also into South Africa and New Zealand. We have installed an advanced palletising system into mainland Europe and we're currently launching our innovation arm, Oryx Automation, into North and South America, with several sites underway.

Based in North Brisbane, Fibre King is an Australian success story. In some 2000 square metres of factory space, a team of 50 designers, engineers, sales and support staff work together to solve the world's packaging problems. We're a good example of how from little things, big things do indeed grow.

The company of R.L. Windsor & Son Pty Ltd commenced operation as R.L. Windsor in 1926. Initially supplying knives and blacksmithing needs to industry in the post-war years, R.L. Windsor has dedicated 85 years to engineering excellence, and produces sophisticated equipment required for the 21st century.

Over the years RL Windsor has undertaken many successful projects, including the development of machinery for the dried and fresh fruit and timber industries. This included tree harvesters, high pruners for forestry, sawing equipment, log handlers, stackers and feeders and a range of plywood presses and board loading systems; all of which provided a strong foundation for what was to come.

R.L. Windsor started manufacturing automated packaging under the Covic-Windsor brand in the 1950's, when we were one of the first Australian companies to offer locally designed and manufactured machines. Before this time the only packaging machines available to Australian producers were either imported or replicas of overseas products produced under licence.

From this beginning emerged the Fibre King Range, the first of which were the GM1800 case sealers produced in 1957. The name refers to fibre board or what is now more commonly known as corrugate.

In 1984 R.L. Windsor decided to concentrate on end-of-line packaging machinery due to the cyclical nature of the timber industry market. It set about developing new products, and in that year designed and built its first automatic palletising machine.

In 2001 the company moved into a new, 2400m2 purpose-built factory and office facility in the outer Brisbane suburb of Clontarf.

In 2003 it changed its trading name to Fibre King Pty Ltd to reflect the strength of the brand globally.

The last decade has seen the international growth of Fibre King and its award-winning range, which now includes case packers, palletisers, crate equipment, robotics and ancilliary materials handling equipment which are sold to both the domestic and international markets.

We have recenty launched our innovation arm, Oryx Automation, into North and South America with a focus on the fresh produce and meat markets. In early 2013, a new 3000 square metre manufacturing operation for Oryx Automation was opened in the Rayong Province of Thailand. Both companies remain part of the R.L. Windsor Group.
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