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Aqua-Cat Charters
Aqua-Cat Charters
Fishing Charters-CLIFTON BEACH, QLD
Fishing Charters-Clifton Beach, QLD
We are extremely proud of our hard working crew and here is a short run down on the guys that will take your booking,put you on the fish and make your day fun!.
28 Clifton Rd, Clifton Beach, Qld, 4879.
28 Clifton Rd, Clifton Beach, Qld, 4879.
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We are extremely proud of our hard working crew and here is a short run down on the guys that will take your booking,put you on the fish and make your day fun!.



We are extremely proud of our hard working crew and here is a short run down on the guys that will take your booking,put you on the fish and make your day fun!.

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Nick.(aka the boss) Nick had been with Cairns Fishing Charters for several years working for the previous owner, and purchased the business in 2014. He loves boats and is passionate about the marine environment. He has a wealth of maritime experience.

Stewie. Big in stature, big in voice and one hell of a character.Stewie has a rapier like wit and we dare anyone to take him on and give him some cheek. He works extremely hard at his job and those are real beads off sweat appearing on his forehead as he hunches over the instruments looking for fish.

Dan is a third generation charter boat fisherman. He has extensive experience on the water; from sailing the South Pacific to working various charter boats up and down the East coast. Each morning as you head off he is judging wind, tide, water and past conditions to put you on the best spot of the day.


Deck Hands


Cade our Tassie devil always has a smile and a laugh and is fiercely proud of his southern island heritage.If you want to fire him up just ask him if any decent footballers have come from Van Diemans Land!. He loves fishing and is pretty sure he has got the best job in Cairns.

Mark the Shark. Mark shares his time between us and his work on the Fitzroy Flyer,yes that his picture on the wall in the wheelhouse. A self confessed fish tackle nerd, he will engage you for hours on deep discussions about lures and tackle if you let him.

Micheal. Our newest team member , Mick has started working on fishing boats late in life and loves it!. He is so happy he sings a lot, he thinks he's pretty good but please don't encourage him!.


Administration & Marketing

Annika (aka the real boss!) and Emma. Their great big smiles & warm personalities will greet you on the morning of your charter, they will sort out your paperwork** and wave you off from the Marina.

 **Paperwork includes: Terms, Conditions and Legal Waiver and Release of Liability Claims and Assumptions of Risk Acknowledgment to be signed by each individual before vessel departs.  



Cairns Fishing Charters provides comfortable, safe, fishing charter trips aboard Blue Whaler a 42 foot Randell and Aqua Cat a 48 foot Randell that are specifically built for fishing. Loaded with the finest equipment and the latest electronics, fully equipped with huge undercover deck area, seating for all and full size toilet facilities. Twin inboard engines power the boats to get you to the action as quickly as possible. We have huge refrigerated iceboxes to keep your catch in first class condition and large eskys for your refreshments.

“We are the only charter fishing boats that are permitted to operate out of Cairns every day of the year”


The Blue Whaler is surveyed to carry up to 24 Passengers, however, for passenger comfort we cap the number to 13.
Cairns Fishing Charters 50ft Vessle Aqua Cat
The Aqua Cat is surveyed to carry up to 34 passengers, however, for comfort we cap the number to 15.



A full range of quality fishing gear is provided, including new Fin Nor, Shimano and Penn reels as well as handlines for those who, like our crew, prefer this method. We hand make all our own rigs and are constantly updating our fishing methods and equipment. Our knowledgeable crew can also happily show you how to use all of the gear.

Rods, Reels & a perfect SunriseSteady, Steady!!The latest fishing equipment



Your Cairns Fishing Charter Reef Fishing experience begins at Cairns' Marlin Marina. The boats are berthed at D Finger (see the map on the Contact page) behind the Shangri La Hotel.

On the way out to the reef we will troll some lures. This can result in hook ups of large Dolphin fish, Mackerel, Wahoo, Sailfish, Marlin and different varieties of Tuna. We set the lures then hand the rod to you, so be ready for some reel screaming action! We will be right behind you offering encouragement and ready to help you safely land your fish.

Out at the reef we will be targeting Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Large and Small Mouth Nannygai, Sweet Lip, Cod, Trevally, GT's and many other reef species. Be warned that we expect to land fish up to 10kg or bigger so hang on!

A great day of fishing, a delicious lunch and maybe even a cold beer on the way home, it doesn't get any better than that.

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