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Bofinger Gayle
Bofinger Gayle
Health & Welfare Services-CLEVELAND, QLD
Health & Welfare Services-Cleveland, QLD
What is Naturopathy? Naturopathy is a system of primary health care that comprises a range of therapies such as herbal medicine, nutrition, diet and life style guidance, homeopathy, irido..
Shop 6 Ross Court, 195 Bloomfield St, Cleveland, Qld, 4163.
Shop 6 Ross Court, 195 Bloomfield St, Cleveland, Q..
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What is Naturopathy? Naturopathy is a system of primary health care that comprises a range of therapies such as herbal medicine, nutrition, diet and life style guidance, homeopathy, iridology, flower essences and massage. All or any of these, may be employed to help strengthen, nourish and benefit the body. This will help ensure improved health, vitality and healing of body and mind, without harm to the body systems. The history of Naturopathy dates back centuries to the ‘father’ of medicine, Hippocrates. Naturopathic philosophy and practice is to support the natural healing ability of the body. The most important philosophy adhered to by a naturopath is “first do no harm” This includes using healing therapies and substances that have no harmful side effects, but rather support, nourish and help heal the body. The naturopathic approach is truly wholistic as it ensures that your physical, mental and emotional condition is supported and improved. The role of the naturopath is to identify and help remove any barriers that can prevent the natural healing process in the body. Naturopathic Practitioners in Australia, are trained in medical sciences including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and pathology, as well as the modalities of herbalism, nutrition, iridology, homeopathy, naturopathic philosophy, counselling skills and massage. Membership in a Natural Therapies professional body or association, such as ANTA or AAMT, ensures that standards and qualifications for a Naturopath are of an acceptable and approved standard. Gayle is a senior member of ANTA. Health Fund rebates (depending on level of cover) are available as Naturopathy is a recognised Primary Health Care treatment in Australia as well as around the world.

Gayle's approach tonaturopathy is commitment and passion to making an improved difference in the healthand life of each person that she treats. This is reflected in the outstandingresults Gayle has achievedGayle-Marie Portrait from the caring and individual treatment plan that helps restore each person to the best health they can enjoy.

Gayle is a highly qualified primary health care provider anda very experienced professional who will work with you to achieve your healthgoals. Gayle will help with safe, effective symptom relief, while treating theunderlying cause. Gayle will provide you with the knowledge needed to maintainongoing improved health.

Gayle's aim is to make a real and lasting difference in youroverall state of health, increase your energy levels, improve your emotionalstate and mood, as well as enhance your general sense of wellbeing.

Why GAYLE Chose To Be A Naturopath

Gayle's decision to study to be a Naturopath developed afterher eldest son, aged twelve at the time, was diagnosed with the lifethreatening illness called Crohn's disease. His decline over a three year period, under standard medical procedures resulted in the realisation that there must be other health treatment approaches that do not harm the body.

Through this, Gayle experienced the reality that there aresafe, natural and very effective therapies that work to restore and heal thebody. Some of these included herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, diet andlife style changes that nourish and balance the body so healing can occur. Thegood news is that Gayle's son is now enjoying a eighteen year remission and nowlives life to the full, in fact sometimes too much.

As Gayle says "I am a naturopath because I personally have experienced that this naturopathic approach to health works for myself and for the people that I love and care about the most in this world".

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