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Food, Beverages & Tobacco-Childers, QLD
SuperPak is pleased to be associated with Sunfresh Marketing, Avolution and our own marketing team who have a complete and holistic approach to marketing. Having a team of marketers helps u..
64 Kevin Livingston Drv, Childers, Qld, 4660.
64 Kevin Livingston Drv, Childers, Qld, 4660.
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SuperPak is pleased to be associated with Sunfresh Marketing, Avolution and our own marketing team who have a complete and holistic approach to marketing. Having a team of marketers helps us all as they work to get the best market place prices which varies throughout the year. Not everyone has the best price at any one time. We also work with other marketing partners and can send your fruit to market in our branded carton or their carton. You now have a choice! Our own distinctive premium brand AvoChoice and other brands of ours offers the retailers and wholesalers distinction and assured consistency. We are offering the buyers a long range of availability, in store promotions and support, research and development of new markets and new value added products. We believe you receive value for your money spent, as we are proactive in securing strong and profitable sales all season long.
After exhaustive study by experts hired by Avocados Australia Ltd, the peak national body and the personal contributions of an industry steering committee represented by avocado growers, it was concluded the industry in Australia was in serious need of unity and strength in packing improvements and marketing from as cohesive and consolidated manner as possible. 

As a result of feasibility study, a business plan was prepared for a regional packshed in the Central Burnett Growing region where 50% of the avocados grown in Australia originate. Trials conducted in 2007/08 year show fruit successfully transports as far as from NSW on airbag trucks, and the packing costs to growers can be reduced from the old average charge of $4.70 to around $3.80 for packing and carton, less than you can pack on farm usually. 

We believe in the results of that study work best for the future of packing and firmly believe to be truly viable into the future growers need to market cohesively. We also need to reduce our packing costs, by employing the most labour saving equipment available and utilize equipment for many more months of the year, while packing to an efficiency and speed not achievable in smaller pack houses. 

To this end, we formed a grower owned company with a Network of avocado growers and built a large regional packshed in Childers, which was completed in 2009. This 2.7 million dollar, 2000 square metre shed is outfitted with a four lane packing line with over 100 automatic tray filling drops, automated top tray labeling for fruit stickers, automated tray kick-off system for palletising, first run packing for 2nds and 3rds, and much more. Complete reporting of your pack out and payments are sure to meet or beat our competitors. 

If you agree, that you could benefit by packing and marketing from strength, or just want to have your fruit professionally packed at great contract rates, please give us a try. For those who would like to participate as grower owners, we are still taking limited investments from growers. Thank you for your time and we would like to see you become involved in controlling more of your destiny by being a part of SuperPak! 

Jim Carney is a long time avocado orchardist, since he and his wife Lois established Settlers Plantation avocado orchards in Baldivis, Western Australia in 1984.  Jim managed the Western Australia orchards through the 1980’s growing avocados on 50 acres.   He was active on the board of the Western Australia Avocado Growers Association, barracking for higher quality and better handling of avocados as Vice President in the late 80's. 

Over the past 30 years, he has founded and operated three packing sheds in addition to eight commercial orchards he has owned.  Jim also operated an arboreal consulting and tree moving business with a truck mounted tree spade, moving hundreds of citrus, avocado, and other trees.  Other business endeavours include owning and operating a construction company and large wholesale tour company.  Today, Jim grows avocados on 1000 acres acres in the Childers, Kumbia and Farnsfield area, with over 36,000 avocado trees and expanding to 68,000 trees by 2015.   

Jim is happy to offer free on farm consultation on tree health, nutrition, fruit fill and longevity tips and more, for a visit or two at no charge.

Eric grew up on an avocado orchard in Western Australia and was extensively involved in several orchard properties. After a stint away in the commercial world where he managed a packaging store and later an office with over 20 employees, Eric decided the farm life was where he wanted to raise his two boys. Eric and wife Abby purchased and operated a citrus, avocado and cut flower farm and packing facility on the Sunshine Coast. After deciding to expand and combine operations, the family moved to Childers where along with his parents transformed a cane farm into an avocado orchard with current production at over 250,000 trays per year and expanding.  

Eric is the packing shed manager for SuperPak which seasonally employs around 50 employees.

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