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First Choice Chiropractic
First Choice Chiropractic
Health Service & Doctors-CHERMSIDE, QLD
Health Service & Doctors-Chermside, QLD
We are a family based chiropractor taking care of the spines of Newborns, Babies, School Children, Sports People, Office Workers, Tradies, Pregnancies, and Grandparents. At First Choice C..
3/628 Rode Road, Chermside, Qld, 4032.
3/628 Rode Road, Chermside, Qld, 4032.
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We are a family based chiropractor taking care of the spines of Newborns, Babies, School Children, Sports People, Office Workers, Tradies, Pregnancies, and Grandparents. At First Choice Chiropractic we focus on finding and correcting spinal dysfunction called Vertebral Subluxations, which left undetected, can lead to a myriad of health complaints such as headaches, back pain, neck pain, sciatica or more advanced neurological symptoms.
What payment options do you have?
Our clients pay by cash or use EFTPOS facilities.  We accept all major credit cards.
Why see a chiropractor?
Chiropractic is a conservative, safe, drug-free approach to better health.  Because of the way the spine is designed, vertebra can become restricted or subluxated and irritate nerve flow and affect the function of the tissues they control.  These functional problems can occur from the birthing process, car accidents, sleeping habits, stress, poor diet, long periods of sitting, poor posture and many other everyday activities.
Does My Private Health Care Cover Me?
The chiropractors employed by First Choice Chiropractors are registered with every private health fund provider in Australia.  Contact you health care fund for exact coverage.

What qualifications does a chiropractor have?
The chiropractic program is a fully accredited and internationally recognised five year full-time university course, which emphasises anatomy and physiology, neurology, diagnostic imaging, spinal adjusting techniques, rehabilitation and clinical subjects.

How long will it take to get better?
After a full examination of your spine our chiropractors locate any areas causing nerve interference.  Taking into account the results of this examination determines your prognosis and recovery. 

Often people first visit their chiropractor after a long period of undetected spinal subluxations which have resulted in a build up of scar tissue around the spine, discs and nerves.  This scar tissue takes time to heal and repair and this may take months or years of spinal adjustments to re-strengthen the spine. 
Does it hurt?
Generally chiropractic adjustments performed in our clinic by our skilled chiropractors do not hurt.  During the initial visits some discomfort may be experienced after treatment which soon resolves.  Being adjusted for the first time is similar to starting an exercise regime when you haven’t done it for ages, it is uncomfortable, but once you are in the routine the body adapts, nerve flow increases and the healing begins.
What are the benefits of chiropractic care?
Chiropractic adjustments help to normalize spinal function and joint mobility.  Furthermore because of its focus on the nervous system chiropractic care is an important part of a wellness lifestyle.  By improving the integrity of neurological systems our patients report better quality of life, improved emotional health, less perceived stress, less dependence on pharmaceutical drugs, improved sleeping habits, and more energy, vitality and life enjoyment .
Who should see a Chiropractor?
Anyone who values their health as a priority.

How often do I need to come to the clinic?
The frequency of the chiropractic adjustments depends initially on the results of your chiropractic examination.  The idea is not to be intensely reliant on your chiropractor, but obviously at the start we need to have closer together adjustments to retrain the muscles and ligaments and then gradually over time reduce the frequency of your adjustments. 

Do I need to keep coming back once I feel better?  
No you don’t.  Just like you don’t have to brush your teeth if you don’t want to.  Although you would regularly brush your teeth if you wanted healthy teeth wouldn’t you. 

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