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Education-Chandler, QLD
Learning to swim is an enjoyable journey at Aquatic Achievers with our innovative 13 level Solo-1 swim teaching program, which guarantees results in our modern indoor heated swimming facilit..
Sleeman Sports Centre, Cnr Tilley & Old Cleveland Roads, Chandler, Qld, 4155.
Sleeman Sports Centre, Cnr Tilley & Old Cleveland ..
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Learning to swim is an enjoyable journey at Aquatic Achievers with our innovative 13 level Solo-1 swim teaching program, which guarantees results in our modern indoor heated swimming facilities. At Aquatic Achievers we specialise in baby swimming classes through to stroke correction and squads. Our unique Solo- 1 teaching program teaches children to swim 1km unassisted. Established in 1969, Aquatic Achievers swim schools has grown into Queensland's Premier Swim School organisation with staff and instructors who will instil pride and confidence in you and your child. Our ability based/ age sensitive learn to swim classes cater for all children, especially those children who initially find swimming difficult. We pride ourselves in turning nervous or anxious swimmers into confident kids who can swim 1km. The structure of the Solo-1 Learn-to-Swim program also rapidly progresses naturally gifted swimmers so they are always challenged. Our baby program has been developed after 40 years of research and experience. We have gathered the best techniques from around the world to create an internationally recognised swimming program.

Aquatic Achievers Evolution

Neil Douglas

Neil Douglas
Aquatic Achievers was established in 1967 (although under a different name) when Neil Douglas began teaching Children to swim in Rockhampton, Queensland. Neil has spent most of life observing, learning, testing and implementing learn to swim techniques to help children enjoy water for life. Although having coached elite swimmers in the past, Neil has often identified his passion is in teaching all kids, not just the athletically gifted or ‘natural swimmers'.

“Still the most rewarding students are those everyone else thought would never swim.” Neil often echoes the sentiment “Overcoming challenges in swimming helps kids learn to overcome challenges in life. When a child has to struggle to achieve a goal, they are learning more than just how to swim!”

Program development

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It was in the early 1990's while managing a ‘learn to swim' school in Logan City, that Neil began to put in place the structure for the current Solo-1 program. At the time only a handful of organizations around the world were teaching children under the age of three in a structured program, while swim schools would be virtually unrecognisable compared to what we see today. Neil began travelling in search of the world's best techniques. The best from Japan, America, Europe and South-East Asia was combined to produce the comprehensive Aquatic Achievers babies and infants program.


The Sleeman Sports Complex is the home of swimming in Queensland. It is here that the Aquatic Achievers name began to build its reputation as the premier swim school in Brisbane. Word soon spread that children were swimming further, at a younger age than anywhere else. The babies/infants program began to stand out with 2 year-olds swimming without parents and actually swimming better. It is Neil's insistence that children must be challenged or they will become bored that motivated teachers and parents to find out what young children are actually capable of.

Today – Aspley, Gumdale, North Lakes and Paddington

Due to Neil and his wife Brenda's passion to offer only the best brisbane swimming lessons and service, he has been able to attract an amazing team of staff to Aquatic Achievers. Managers, Instructors and Receptionists all contribute to help our program as systems evolve. As our swim school has expanded, we have also ensured that our levels of service and class-delivery have improved, so that Aquatic Achievers remains a place “Where kids love to Swim”.

Today, Aquatic Achievers has grown to operate five swim schools across Brisbane. Centres are located at Chandler, Aspley, Gumdale, North Lakes and Paddington.
Australia is recognised as world leaders in infants and babies aquatics.

Memberships – Neil Douglas

  • ASCTA (Australian Swim coaches & Teachers Association)
  • USSSA (United States Swim Schools Association)
  • International Ambassador to USSSA
  • ANZUS (Australia, New Zealand and United States Swim Schools Association)

You can now learn more about how Aquatic Achievers cares about children learning to swim by visiting our online program designed to help parents that can not get quality lessons or simply want to supplement traditional lessons.

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