Life Be In It Funworks.

Life Be In It Funworks.
Life Be In It Funworks.
Shopping & Retail-CANNINGTON, QLD
Shopping & Retail-Cannington, QLD
Selling the finest sweets and foods from around the world
Westfield Carousel, Cannington, Qld, 6107.
Westfield Carousel, Cannington, Qld, 6107.
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Selling the finest sweets and foods from around the world

Four years ago a man walked into a shopping centre with a hunger craving. He thought aloud, "Today I want to try something new, something different. I don't want the same boring bags of lollies that taste like plastic and say 'EAT ME - for I am cheap'."

He didn't want the same generic chocolate bars, nor packets of chips that left that same old taste in his mouth.


He needed something that would jump out at him. He needed something shiny and new that would leave his taste buds begging for more. 

But on that rainy day in August he left disappointed...

And hence the dream was born.


This man vowed that no longer would the people of Perth be without variety in the snack food industry. 

This man vowed that he would search the world for different products and would work tirelessly to provide the people of Perth with something new. 


He dreamt of a place that would not only have new products, but a new customer experience. 

This man did not want to sell just candy and chips. 

NO. He wanted to sell HAPPINESS.



A year later his journey truly began.

And for three years he has been perfecting his range slowly figuring out what it is that the people of Perth want... what the people of Perth NEED.


He has not perfected it yet, but he is constantly getting closer.


Having expanded from an initial kiosk at Carousel shopping centre to now three locations around Perth, he continues to work to ensure all people from all over Perth have access to world-class sweets and snacks.


Come into Funworks today and follow his story.


Because every customer makes a difference, every suggestion of a new product could help thousands of people be happy.


Help this man with a dream.


Because we are all dreamers. And we all love lollies. 




Follow the journey. 

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