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Sovereign Interiors
Home & Garden-BUNDALL, QLD
Home & Garden-Bundall, QLD
Offering Exceptional Interior Design on the Gold Coast We are an exclusive furniture, lighting and accessories store located on the Gold Coast. When looking for an interior designer, we off..
84 Upton Street, Bundall, Qld, 4217.
84 Upton Street, Bundall, Qld, 4217.
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Offering Exceptional Interior Design on the Gold Coast We are an exclusive furniture, lighting and accessories store located on the Gold Coast. When looking for an interior designer, we offer a service offering creative interior design on the Gold Coast which ensures that our clients dream homes become their reality! Even though our stunning and expansive retail store is located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, if you need the services of an interior designer, we provide this throughout Australia as well as internationally. Work with Expert Interior Designers for the Finest Luxury Furniture Our expertise is extensive within the fields of interior design on the Gold Coast, FF& E, procurement and project / fitout management. Additionally, our interior designers have exclusive distribution arrangements with some of the world leaders in design and manufacturing of luxury furniture, lighting and furnishings. We are also pleased to say that the supply chain, including interior designers, is extensive and spans across the globe with contractors in Italy, Spain, USA and Australia. Our Range of interior design on the Gold Coast includes: Italian and American Leather and Fabric Lounges Italian, Spanish and American Dining Suites Italian, Spanish and American Office Suites Italian, Spanish and American Bedroom Suites Unique Artwork and Accessories Feature and Decorative Lighting – Chandeliers, Table Lamps and specialty LED and Fiber Optic Lighting Acrylic Sculptures, Wall Sculptures, Pedestals and Furniture Luxury Soft Furnishings – Rugs, Bedspreads, Window treatments etc Custom Cabinetry As a company who are experts in interior design on the Gold Coast, we work closely with all specifiers within the industry ie architects, interior designers, real estate agents, builders and property developers. We are confident that you will love the work that our interior designers can offer and look forward to working closely with you to achieve your dream home!

With over 10 years experience tinting buildings from Springwood to Tweed Heads as well as the auto and marine tinting, our hands on person who gives the obligation free quote is fully experienced to recommend a product that meet your requirements and keep you happy for years.


All projects are installed by the person who quoted on the job. this allows a client to deal with only a person they have met and reduces the number of strangers on the project, therefore increasing security of the property.


Our wide range of films allow for up to 80% heat reduction, 99.9% UV reduction, 80% fade reduction and 93% glare reduction. The special night series films allow you to have vision through the glass at night.


Most films provide daytime privacy and all solar films reduce air-conditioning costs, eliminate hotspots in your offices and reduce glare to provide a more comfortable work environment.




Interior glass can be transformed into exciting and practical works of art with our Decorative Films. The effects you achieve are limited only by your imagination, with a range of films that includes opaque, frosted, sparkle (sandblasted effect), and a range of pre- printed designs. Cost effective with creative flexibility. Glass partitioned offices take on a brilliant new look too, providing privacy without the 'closed in' feeling or the expense and maintenance of traditional curtains or blinds. Company logos and graphics are just two of the many eye-catching possibilities you can achieve using our Decorative films.

  • Sandblasted effect, Geometric designs, Rice Paper designs plus many more.
  • Many of these films can be computer cut to create any design required.
  • Used to provide privacy, create logos and images and decorate office partitions, doors, windows etc.

Safety, Security, Anti Grafitti


Safety Film

Magnum Safety Film can be bonded securely to glass with a special strengthening adhesive designed to absorb impact and resist shattering. The resilient combination of adhesive and film will hold the broken pieces together, decreasing the risk of injury.


Security Film

Unprotected glass is also an open invitation to burglars and vandals. Speed and stealth are vital to these criminals, confronted with a window fitted with Magnum Security Film; they are less likely to persevere. The security Film will hold the broken glass in place and resist the unwelcome entry or damage.


Anti Grafitti

Simple Solution to Vandalism

Easy, Quick and economical. Graffiti and vandalism is unsightly and frustrating, costing property owners and insurance companies a fortune in time and money. Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces such as glass, mirrors or stainless steel.


Our Vandal Resistant Film provides an effective, and cost efficient, solution. Applied as a crystal clear retrofit film, it protects from permanent and expensive damage with out effecting the appearance. Even some existing scratches disappear when the film is applied. Removal and replacement of the film is fast and simple, will not affect the surface beneath.


Energy Savings


Green smart

The world is becoming environmentally aware. Already homes are being given energy efficiency ratings. These work in a similar way to the ratings you find on your fridge and other appliances. Homes are given a rating from 1 to 5 stars. Your windows are a huge source of energy waste and that's where Instint's MEP films can help.


Save money and the environment

The NSW Government's Sustainable Energy Development Authority found that a home taken from a 1.5 star rating to a 3.5 can save 50% on heating and cooling costs. A change from 3.5 stars to 5 saves 80%. Apply our films to any home and you can reduce energy expenditure by up to 40%. When you use 4 or 5 star rated film you can also reduce your air conditioning usage by upto 75%.


Australia's first

MEP Films are one of the first companies in Australia to gain accreditation with this rating system. Australia's Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) has been implemented by the Australasian Window Council and is in line with the Kyoto compliance program as run by the Australian Green House Office under the Department for the Environment.

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