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Brisbane Mediations
Brisbane Mediations
Professional Services-BRISBANE, QLD
Professional Services-Brisbane, QLD
Alternative Dispute Resolution is a means by which parties can discuss and negotiate on relevant aspects of the matters in dispute with the intention of resolving their differences.
Level 8, 225 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, Qld, 4000.
Level 8, 225 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, Qld, 4000.
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Alternative Dispute Resolution is a means by which parties can discuss and negotiate on relevant aspects of the matters in dispute with the intention of resolving their differences.
We offer insight and assistance that only expertise can provide, in resolving family law matters.  The majority of our panel comprises experienced Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRPs) with legal and/or social science backgrounds.  We are highly qualified to assist you in resolving your children's and/or property issues.
Upon completion of mediations over parenting issues, our FDRPs are able to provide Section 60I Certificates under the Family Law Act as requested by parties and as a pre-requisite to filing in the Family Court of Australia or the Federal Magistrate's Court.
Many of our mediators have specialist training and experience in resolving workplace disputes of all kinds.
Others are especially skilled in resolving conflict over wills, estates and issues to do with care of elderly relatives.
We pride ourselves in respecting and, whenever possible, facilitating ongoing relationships between parties after our interventions.  
Our Advisers:
If requested, we are able to supply the services of specialist independent advisers - for example, a child consultant in parenting disputes, a financial consultant in property disputes or an expert in estates as needed.  
For further information about the most extensive experience of our mediators and specialist advisers, please click on the 'Our Team' and 'Our Advisers' buttons on the menu.
Our Location:
All intakes and mediation sessions take place at the Brisbane Mediations  Resolution Centre located at Level 8, 225 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane. Central Station is nearby and parking is available adjacent to the station as well as within our building, accessible via Bartley Street, Spring Hill. There are numerous excellent coffee shops and restaurants in the area for your convenience, although we like to provide hospitality to our clients and their advisers or support persons in the form of refreshments during the day.
The Alternative Dispute Resolution Process:
Although some participants in mediation prefer to attend alone, Legal Practitioners are more than welcome during any part of the Dispute Resolution process at the Brisbane Mediations  Resolution Centre, including intake sessions.  We value the support and advice they provide to their clients.
We provide brochures and other information to assist you in understanding the alternative dispute resolution process - especially if it relates to resolving parenting issues after separation.
Prior to a mediation with us, parties are required to sign a Mediation Agreement, a copy of which is forwarded to all prospective clients for execution.  To view a copy of this standard agreement, please click on the 'Downloads' button on the menu.
Intake Sessions
Before a mediation takes place, the selected mediator meets and talks with each party separately in order to:
 Introduce themselves and orient the parties to the venue, putting them at ease prior to the mediation;
Establish rapport and gain a history of the dispute and any blockages prevening resolution so far; 
Explain aspects of the process such as parenting plans and heads of agreement and how mediations normally proceed;
Assess whether mediation is an appropriate process for these parties;
Inform the parties of the confidentiality and other requirements of the process; and
Identify the issues likely to be discussed at mediation.
Wherever practicable, we conduct intake sessions on a date prior to the actual mediation. This avoids the 'pressure cooker' effect where parties (who are probably feeling apprehensive about mediating) undertake both the pre-mediation / screening process and the mediation on the same day. This way parties are able to properly process all matters discussed at the pre-mediation session and to have any queries answered prior to their mediation.
There may, nonetheless, be instances where it is unavoidable that the intakes occur on the same day as the mediation.

Mediation sessions are arranged to suit the parties. They occur at the Brisbane Mediations  Resolution Centre. The format of mediation sessions depends on the parties involved. Discussions can take place either in the same room or with each party in a separate room and with the mediator moving between the two ('shuttle mediation').

Non-attendance by a party at the mediation
In respect of parenting issues, once we have engaged in an intake session with one party and provided we have reason to believe the other party has received our correspondence, if we either do not hear anything or they indicate they have no intention of mediating the issues at hand through Brisbane Mediations , the FDRP engaged can elect to issue a Section 60I Certificate.  This allows the party who did attend to instigate court proceedings.  
Post Mediation
Upon completion of mediations in parenting matters, registered FDRPs can issue a Section 60I Certificate at the request of one or both parties.  Sometimes there is an agreement to reconvene at a later date to mediate further issues.
We encourage parties to consider co-mediations as they provide the benefit of two mediators, usually a male and a female with legal and / or psychology / social science backgrounds.  There are many advantages deriving from that diversity and from our experience the additional hourly charge for two mediators as opposed to one is cost effective over the course of a mediation, especially where there are both property and children's issues to consider and resolve.
Our Costs
Our fees for providing an alternative dispute resolution process are $390 per hour plus GST for the services of one mediator or $550 per hour plus GST for co-mediations with two mediators (for a minimum of four (4) hours including one hour for reading and preparation).
Intake sessions held prior to the mediation are charged at a rate of $390 per hour plus GST or $550 per hour plus GST for two mediators.
Preparing and issuing a Section 60I Certificate incurs a flat fee of $170 plus GST.
Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, it is most common for parties to share the costs of mediation equally.  In the case of workplace mediations, however, the employer usually funds the mediation.  
To secure a mediator's time in our diary, payment in full is required at least two (2) full business days prior to provision of the intake or mediation service, unless arrangments are made as a matter of urgency, in which case full fees are payable on booking. If the time of the session (including preparation and reading) exceeds four (4) hours, then additional fees are payable on the day of the mediation, with minimum increases being in half hour increments.
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