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Undercover Cool
Undercover Cool
Entertainment-BRISBANE, QLD
Entertainment-Brisbane, QLD
We''ve performed at hundreds of weddings, parties and even large corporate functions, including events for Boeing, Rio Tinto, Queensland Rail, Trilby Misso, 3 Mobile, Australian Taxation O..
Queen Street Mall, Brisbane, Qld, 4000.
Queen Street Mall, Brisbane, Qld, 4000.
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We''ve performed at hundreds of weddings, parties and even large corporate functions, including events for Boeing, Rio Tinto, Queensland Rail, Trilby Misso, 3 Mobile, Australian Taxation Office and Woolworths to name just a few. We''ve even performed internationally at festivals and hotels in Japan, USA, Vanuatu and Samoa. In short, you can rest assured that your music will be in safe hands! We play everything from the latest dance hits to classic rock and smooth jazz, and can perform as a duo up to a full 6-piece band.
Fiona Wright – vocals
A highly experienced and versatile vocalist, Fiona has been performing professionally in Australia and overseas since the age of 17. She has held residencies at many 5-star hotels around the world, including the Cairo Sheraton Hotel, Shanghai Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore Pan Pacific Hotel, Osaka Hilton and Hyatt Hotels. In addition to being a talented performance artist, Fiona has worked as a studio vocalist in the USA, and recently released an album of her compositions, ‘Heart of Light'. In addition to performing, Fiona has a passion for helping others through music, and she is currently completing a master's degree in music therapy at the University of Queensland. 


How does Undercover Cool achieve such a great sound?
We are professional musicians who take pride in the quality of our sound. We use the latest technology to achieve the best possible sound for every song - take a listen to our demo tracks and hear for yourself.   

We have years of experience playing to groups of all sizes so we know how to entertain and respond to the needs of the audience. We put on a great show and we have our own sound and lighting equipment to create the mood for dinner jazz to after-dinner dancing. This means you get:
  • no hassles with volume (see below)
  • a great show including lighting

What 'extras' can Undercover Cool offer?
  • professional lighting effects
  • high quality amplification
  • advice on making the most of your music and entertainment
  • audience interaction

Can Undercover Cool play if the venue has noise restrictions?
Yes. Many venues don't allow bands that have drums or electric guitars. Undercover Cool uses backing tracks, which means the volume can be controlled. In addition, the volume of our speakers and other equipment can all be turned down as low as you need. This means you can have a live band without the noise problems (we can be just as quiet as a CD player!). If your venue has noise restrictions, please let us know so we can discuss it with them directly before the event to avoid any misunderstandings on the night.

How long do you play for? How long is each set?
Functions usually run for 4-5 hours. Sets of one hour consist of around 45 minutes playing time and a 15 minute break (this is the entertainment industry standard). However, we work around this timing to accommodate speeches, presentations etc. 

A lot of wedding bands sound the same, how is Undercover Cool different?
  • we're professionals - we're easy to work with and you can rely on us to be on time, looking great and playing what you want. 
  • high quality of our sound and presentation - you get a smooth, professional, fun show that is always appropriate to your event.
  • our professional experience and qualifications - you get your money's worth.
  • we can control our volume - no hassles with noise restrictions for you and you don't have to settle for a CD player.
  • we love what we do - more fun for everyone and a quality performance.
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