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TMS Consulting
TMS Consulting
Business Consultants-BRISBANE, QLD
Business Consultants-Brisbane, QLD
We are a solutions provider that understands how to build trusting client partnerships based on developing a strong understanding of our client's business, strategic and operational challeng..
Level 2 21 Mary Street, Brisbane, Qld, 4000.
Level 2 21 Mary Street, Brisbane, Qld, 4000.
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We are a solutions provider that understands how to build trusting client partnerships based on developing a strong understanding of our client's business, strategic and operational challenges.
TMS Consulting was established in 2006 by Helen Wood after a successful career in the public sector. Helen and the other consultants at TMS Consulting offer a wide range of successful experience in a diverse array of organisations over many years.

Helen Wood, Chief Executive Officer, is an experienced manager and a well respected consultant who has worked locally and internationally in change management, organisational development, service delivery and business process reengineering.  TMS Consulting specialises in services to government with strong experience in the public sector across the team.  TMS Consulting also has considerable experience in the private sector with a particular focus on organisational capability and workforce productivity.

TMS Consulting delivers total business solutions in partnership with its clients based on a relationship based approach ensuring a strong appreciation for the business of each organisation it works with. The company can provide solutions from the highest level of strategic planning to the detailed operational implementation of an initiative. TMS Consulting works with clients to ensure business outcomes are integrated with the overall business and provide a total solution that is cognisant of other organisational initiatives and strategic directions. With substantial experience across a variety of organisations prior to joining TMS Consulting, its staff have a strong appreciation of the challenges in leading and managing successful organisations in the constantly evolving and competitive business landscape. TMS Consulting is headquartered in Brisbane, with offices around Australia and a rapidly growing presence in Asia-Pacific and the United States.

Our commitment to you

We will...

build trust from the beginning of our relationship so you feel confident that we will deliver.
work with you to establish our credibility and agree on the purpose and benefit to you of our relationship.
learn about your needs quickly and gather relevant information about your organisation.
help you analyse the true nature of your issues and problems.
gain your agreement about the real nature and scope of the problem to be solved.
develop and present solutions that clearly assist you in changing and improving your situation.
help you optimise your people and performance by identifying concerns, garnering support and agreeing on next steps.
offer you a valuable solution that will make a difference.
reinforce and support your decisions and ensure value is maintained on an ongoing basis.
maintain contact and objectivity and be a trusted advisor that adds value over time.


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