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Beauty Salons-BRISBANE, QLD
Beauty Salons-Brisbane, QLD
Absolique Hair Health Clinic is not a Hair Salon! Absolique is a specialist Hair Health Clinic focused on your hair health and hair loss recovery. Owner Carolyn Evans is a Trichologist ‘Ha..
Brisbane Arcade, Gallery Level, 160 Queen Street Mall ,Brisbane ,Qld ,4000.
Brisbane Arcade, Gallery Level, 160 Queen Street M..
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Absolique Hair Health Clinic is not a Hair Salon! Absolique is a specialist Hair Health Clinic focused on your hair health and hair loss recovery. Owner Carolyn Evans is a Trichologist ‘Hair Specialist’ and is qualified to diagnose and offer treatment for all hair loss, thinning hair, alopecia, hair fall, scalp scale, scalp itching, scalp oil or oily & greasy hair.
At Absolique, we understand the intricate science of hair.
We will never compromise the condition of your hair!
Hair health is our foremost concern.
Inquire about our exclusive ‘Hair Health Check’ for diagnosis and treatment solutions for problems such as:
Female hair loss, male hair loss, dandruff, psoriasis, seborrhea dermatitis, thinning hair, breaking hair, sensitive scalp, itchy scalp, scaly scalp, oily scalp, frizzy hair, dry hair, dry scalp,
fine hair, lifeless hair, hair that won’t grow, chemically damaged hair and much more….
At Absolique, everything is about Hair Health.
If you have any questions or concerns about your hair, Absolique will have an answer and a solution for you.
Absolique – Absolutely Unique Trichology Solutions.
Absolique products and services provide solutions for hair and scalp problems, with unique products, software and methodology to achieve and quantify real results for recommended treatments.
Carolyn Evans, Absolique’s Trichologist is passionate about the truth about hair loss and achieving real results for all recommended services.
pH test kit and explanation booklet available to purchase from Absolique for $27.
Help to get your body alkaline is also available, once we establish where your pH is at now.
You are welcomed to Absolique by our friendly receptionist, then escorted to your private treatment station, then offered our complimentary drinks menu,
a fresh glass of chilled filtered water and a selection of magazines.
Once you are relaxed, we will begin our consultation to understand you and your hair wants, needs and concerns.
If you aspire to have healthy hair, like good old fashioned service, enjoy elegant tranquillity, enter Absolique Hair Health Clinic is situated on Brunswick Street above Tsiknaris Building in the right hand suite.
Absolique Features and Benefits
Healthy Hair Specialists
Correct Poor Hair Growth Problems
Private Styling Rooms
Resident Trichologist – Hair Doctor
Real Hair Care Advise
Permanent Hair Repair
100% Money Back Service Guarantee
30 day Return Policy On All Home Care Hair Products
Your journey begins at ABSOLIQUE.
Our highly skilled and passionate team at ABSOLIQUE combine many years of experience in the hairdressing industry, and are all acclaimed experts in their fields of expertise. Each member focuses on giving exceptional service and advice in classic and current trends as well as home hair care and styling tips. Even though we encourage the use of specialists in each field the decision is yours to choose whomever you wish to care for all your hair needs. Plus, you are welcome to speak with resident Trichologist (hair doctor) for all your hair health and scalp concerns.
This is what Absolique customers say about our Trichologist:
Wani – “This is the first time that I encounter a salon with an in house Trichologist. I think its a fantastic experience because it definitely makes me understand my hair more, and therefore knows what’s for me and what’s not. There are times when you just don’t know what’s wrong with your hair, and getting a clinical explanation helps to take a lot of your worries!”
Donna – “I hadn’t been into Absolique for a couple of months and after my visit on Friday I wondered why, all the staff are really friendly and Carolyn made me feel really special. Carolyn is very committed to healthy hair and gave me some great ideas about treating my hair to achieve long, luscious hair.
Absolique choose to use and recommend NEWAYS  and our own ABSOLIQUE range .
Absolique will tailor services and home care prescriptions to your individual needs.
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