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HEL Performance
HEL Performance
Automotive-BRIGHTON, QLD
Automotive-Brighton, QLD
Australian division and manufacturer of ADR / CAMS approved Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits for Motorcycles, Mountain Bikes And Automotive Kits. Over 2,800 Motorcycle Brake Line Kits And..
Nathan Street, Brighton, Qld, 4017.
Nathan Street, Brighton, Qld, 4017.
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Australian division and manufacturer of ADR / CAMS approved Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits for Motorcycles, Mountain Bikes And Automotive Kits. Over 2,800 Motorcycle Brake Line Kits And 6,500 Automotive Brake Line Kits Available Manufactured With Stainless Steel, Coloured Stainless Steel Or Titanium Fittings. HEL Performance are the world’s first supplier of: Only fully swaged stainless steel fittings Coloured stainless steel brake lines Stainless and titanium kits for motorcycles.
Mission Vision And Values

Our mission vision and values outline who we are, what we seek to achieve and how we want to do it. They give a clear direction for our company and help make sure that we are all working toward the same goals. Everything we do is inspired by our Mission:
Declaration | Quickly. Safely. Securely.
Innovation | Today. Tomorrow. Always.
Consideration | People. Product. Environment.
Exhilaration | Happiness. Satisfaction. Recreation.
To achieve the sustainable growth of HEL Performance we have established a Vision with clear goals:
People | A great place to work where people are inspired
Planet | A responsible global company making a difference
Portfolio | A portfolio of quality products
Partners | A winning network of partners with happy customers
Potential | A company which looks to the future
We are guided by shared Values that we will live by as a company and as people:
Leadership | Passion | Integrity | Accountability | Collaboration | Innovation | Quality
We are a local business on a global scale existing in over 68 countries around the world and offer a portfolio of world-class products within our industry on a local scale. We aim to be an integral and functional part of every community we exist in. We support the basic building blocks of community development and by offering the assembly of our products on a local basis we create employment, interest and the facility for personal and group expansion. We improve lives in every community we touch and believe in total equality. Our products are made from the finest quality materials, to the most exacting standards and constantly evaluated during the hose manufacture.
The History Of HEL Performance

Hose-Equip was established in 1985 as an authorised Aeroquip distributor and quickly gained a reputation in the Industrial, Marine and Hydraulic marketplace for a friendly approach to both quality and service. This developed into them becoming an authorised MOD contractor and an ISO9000 quality assured company. Quality is at the fore front of what we are as a company today. In 2000 the company was acquired by the current owners for the sole purpose of targeting the performance fluid transfer marketplace. The name was changed to Hose Equip Limited and the HEL Performance brand was born. The now world-famous Devils Tail logo was commissioned and the brand was launched.
Always First

With the joint hydraulic market experience of Simon Lane and Chris Porter, HEL Performance launched a new system of motorcycle brake lines which didn't compete directly with reusable brake line products. The system, which was the first fully swaged brake line in the UK marketplace, used only the finest materials of stainless steel and titanium and refused to use the cheaper alternatives of mild steel or aluminium which rust or corrode. Cost has never, and will never, replace quality. Since the introduction of the system we have seen our competition bringing out their own versions of the swaged brake line system which strengthens our original decision to offer a tamper evident, safer, permanently attached brake line fitting to the marketplace. We feel that the industry has been taken forward by the instigation of our radical and exciting concepts and designs. We have made braking a safer and more advanced market place.
Always Number One

We were also the first manufacturer in the industry to offer a PVC cover applied during the hose manufacture to protect the bodywork and paint of the vehicle. Previously covers were applied by way of a heatshrink which gave a sub standard finish and which would make colour matching future lines impossible. By choosing to have the PVC applied during the hose construction meant our stock holding and investment was massively increased over competitors but did give us the highest quality finish in the marketplace. Soon all our competitors replaced in-house heat shrinking with pre covered hose. We were the first manufacturer in the world to offer coloured stainless steel fittings as a safe replacement to dangerous coloured aluminium brake line fittings. Aluminium fittings on stainless steel hose subjected to the introduction of water results in a battery effect taking place resulting in electrolytic corrosion. This could lead to the failure of the fitting and was something we felt ethically unable to offer to a consumer looking to get a high performance brake product. We were also the first to exploit the internet fully by offering the first online shopping area and online warranty registration for customers. We feel that the industry has been taken forward by the instigation of our radical and exciting concepts and designs. We know that by changing the industry through innovation we have helped to create a safer and improved product for the consumer.
Product Development

New developments have included the world's first mountain bike brake line kit that includes all fittings required to manufacture a hose for any current system. We have also launched a full automotive brake line application list which again only uses stainless steel fittings directly swaged on one of fifteen different coloured pvc covered brake lines. We are working with one of the world's largest motorcycle brake disc, caliper and master cylinder manufacturers to allow them to offer the complete system to their customers. Our products have appeared in local, national and international competition and help set new records worldwide.
Since starting this journey ten years ago HEL Performance products have spread around the world. We pride ourselves on the fact that we do not have a single company representative on the road and instead have allowed the product to impress and extend itself around the globe. HEL Performance products are now available locally in over sixty-eight countries around the world covering the five continents of Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australasia.
And as the staff numbers at the headquarters in Exeter in the UK have increased so have the number of manufacturers and distributors around the world that make up the special group we call HEL Performance. The best people, supplying the best products, to the best customers.
Ethically – Responsibly – Technically - Happily
This is the world of performance. This is HEL Performance.
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