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When you call we will arrange a time to come to your site – usually the next day – and we always come as promised. We will listen carefully to determine exactly what you would like, then ..
14 Kenworth Pl, Brendale, Qld, 4500.
14 Kenworth Pl, Brendale, Qld, 4500.
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When you call we will arrange a time to come to your site – usually the next day – and we always come as promised. We will listen carefully to determine exactly what you would like, then we will produce a firm written quote. You will never be asked to pay more once the job has begun.
All our fences are built to the highest quality standards and we guarantee that you will be happy with the result.

We provide professional fencing services for virtually every type of fence in the Brisbane area.

Timber Fences
Aluminium & Steel Tubular fences
Fence Restoration
Chainwire fences
Fence repairs
Security Fences
Welded Mesh Fences
You will deal with a fencing expert, fully knowledgeable, polite and ready to assist you. And, you can expect a quick and courteous response to your inquiry.

Timber paling fences are generally installed on domestic house blocks. Timber is used for privacy, and taller fences have the added advantage of security. Timber fences can also help also used to reduce noise from road traffic.

Jory's Fences use and recommend CCA treated pine for all our fence components. Pine is cut from trees grown in plantations which helps save our environment by not cutting down natural forests. We used galvanised bolts, nails and screws. All our gate frames are manufactured from galtube steel with welded ball bearing hinges.

There are many ways to change the look of your timber fence. Of course, if you are keeping to a budget, square topped palings can be installed with a gap between them. If a more decorative style is required, then there are many choices. The palings can have round or pointed tops or chamfer tops (with just the corners cut) and also colonial or windsor style.     

The palings can be spaced with any gap you require or butted together. For greater privacy, the palings can be lapped or installed "neighbour friendly" with palings on both sides of the fence. The fence can also have a capping rail. The posts can be exposed and can also be profiled to match or complement the palings. Sleepers can be installed at the bottom of the fence as a plinth rail or to retain soil where necessary.

Chainwire can be used for many applications including; domestic fencing, security fencing, tennis courts, storage enclosures, sporting fields, golf ball backnets, baseball backnets, kennels and catteries, dog off leash enclosures, prisons.

Chainwire is the most economical style of residential and industrial boundary fencing. The chainwire, which is manufactured in our factory, is produced in galvanised and PVC coated (black and dark green). The galvanised wire is available in standard and heavily galvanised. Chainwire has various diamond sizes of 25, 50 & 60mm diamond and in wire diameters of 2.5 and 3.15mm. Heights range from 600 to 3600mm.

Generally chainwire is fixed to a galvanised pipe frame of posts and rails. Depending on the application, the fencing can be installed with a top rail (and also a mid rail and/or bottom rail if required). Chainwire can also be installed with line wires to support the chainwire, as often seen on industrial security fencing. If the chainwire used is PVC coated, the galvanised pipe framework and any gate frames can be powder coated to match the wire colour.

Where a more traditional style of domestic fencing is required, the chainwire can be fixed to timber posts and rails.
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