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Sunlight Studio
Sunlight Studio
Retail Shopping-BEENLEIGH, QLD
Retail Shopping-Beenleigh, QLD
Leadlight Workshops & Classes. Tiffany Shades & Bases. Design & make Leadlight Windows & Panels specializing in Australian Birds, Fish, Flora & Fauna.
106 George St, Beenleigh, Qld, 4207.
106 George St, Beenleigh, Qld, 4207.
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Leadlight Workshops & Classes. Tiffany Shades & Bases. Design & make Leadlight Windows & Panels specializing in Australian Birds, Fish, Flora & Fauna.

Leadlight & Mosaic Workshops and Classes for the Locals are held in Beenleigh and is an easy drive from Logan, Mt Tamborine as well the Gold Coast & Brisbane
Classes are for anyone between 16 and 80, mums and daughters, dads and sons and the answer to the most commonly asked question of  'Do I have to be artistic?' is no.
The classes are run twice a week, both on Thursday 10 till 1 and 6 till 9. You can join in at any time, the cost is $25.00 a class, pay for your materials as you go. The classes are not big but they are friendly, some of your class mates have been attending on & off for years, it's more of an unwind, express yourself, creative social outlet.
It's recommend you do however follow a tried learning curve, the first project being a leadlight lamp, this builds up not only your skill but also your confidence in scoring and breaking glass.
Recommended Classes 1 to 6 -
You start with the table lamp, (approx. 3 classes) then using a technique called foiling you make a stained glass mirror, sun catcher or artistic panel. (approx. 3 classes)
Having absorbed the basics of the above, anything goes, door or window panels, kitchen cabinet panels, ceiling, wall, floor or table lamps. Not good at designing, no worries, we stock over 200 books to pick designs from, if you have an idea & want a helping hand it's all part of the class, nothing is impossible and it's really not as hard as you think.
The policy of ‘try before you buy' extends over the tools you use, let's face it, to pay out for a tool that might or might not suit you can be an expensive gamble so all tools especially the more expensive glass cutters are used free of charge. When you find one that you feel comfortable with and decide to take the next step of buying your own kit, at least it will consist of tools you have tried and know you are happy with. The work shop is fully fitted out with all the equipment you need, glass grinders, beveling and polishing equipment a kiln if necessary, albeit some of these are for further down the track but it does open the path to designer tiles, specialized animal or flower bevels. If this sounds daunting then as a team effort (for a small fee) the pieces required can be made for you and can be incorporated into whatever project you visualized and feel comfortable working on .
For examples of windows, lampshades & mirrors see
What can be done and What has been done
Mosaics Lampshades and Mirrors 
for more information you can contact me on 040230 7819 or find me at 106 George St Beenleigh.  You can either text or email and I will get back to you hopefully within 24 hours. Please ring me if you intend to come and see the shop as I am often out on calls. Mike

and, and if you have finally got this far and all you really wanted is help in designing a window that you want to complete, we can help there to:

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