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Copperform specialises in the utilisation of copper in roofing, walling and rainwater goods. Copper has special qualities that make it an ideal alternative to traditional construction materi..
124 Beatty Road, Archerfield, Qld, 4108.
124 Beatty Road, Archerfield, Qld, 4108.
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Copperform specialises in the utilisation of copper in roofing, walling and rainwater goods. Copper has special qualities that make it an ideal alternative to traditional construction material. As well as being structurally superior, copper also has aesthetic qualities that make it an ideal construction material. Copper, nature''''s supreme building material - harnessed by Copperform to create classic roofing systems of enthralling character. It is no coincidence that many of man''''s architectural achievements are protected from the elements by copper roofing. Notre Dame, the Vatican, the Pentagon, the statue of Liberty... countless great works bear testimony to the timeless wonder and self-preserving beauty of the copper roof.

History of Copperform

"Born in the 80's, reborn in 2007"

Union of expertise

During the late 80's, two unrelated Queensland companies were fine tuning two independent developments. The Megami Corporation had designed and built machinery that could fold complex profiles without stressing the metal. Mining giant M.I.M. Holdings Limited has perfected the process of “growing” copper sheets to predetermined thickness in an extension of their ISA copper refining operation. Circumstances brought these two firms together and the idea of folding 0.55mm copper sheeting into profiled roofing was born.

In late 1991, following significant market research, the preliminary work to establish a company to fold, form, fabricate and install copper roofing, walling and rainwater goods was commissioned. No doubt a significant contribution to the company came from four of Australia's leading architects who provided input on the system design and promotional material.

The formal launch of the company, Copperform Pty Ltd, by the Premier of Queensland, Mr Wayne Goss, occurred in June 1992. The initial focus was on architects on the east coast of Australia. 

International profile of excellence

The first two projects were installed around March 1993, a residence at Camp Cove in Sydney and a historic restoration of St Matthew's Church at Windsor in New South Wales.

Very soon projects were specified in Victoria and Queensland and the volume of business in rainwater goods and custom fabrication increased.

Copperform's unique ability to form copper sheeting and its “copper only” strategy, has led to many architectural design challenges and innovations. For example, the specially designed shingles on the two serpent-shaped tourism pavilions at Ayres Rock (Uluru) replicate the scale-like nature of snake's skin.

Subsequent architectural challenges have led to various dome designs, finials, spires, and the evolution of a range of rainwater products. Copperform's flexible manufacturing ability allows production of cost-effective “one-off” products and designs. This is particularly attractive to architects who wish to present innovative and unique concepts to prestigious clients.

In 1993, enquires from Singapore and Malaysia increased to the level where some market research was undertaken and participation in a Singapore building exhibition endorsed the growing interest in South East Asia.

The market research indicated that a patinated product is required in the majority of specifications and the available patination methods were deficient in various respects. The challenge of creating a patina which pleased the market, and dealt with the deficiencies in available products was taken up by Copperform in 1994 with the help of the University of Queensland.

The new product, “Copperform Heritage Patina” is manufactured in a separate factory devoted entirely to patina finish.

In 1997, Copperform reached a milestone in it's growth in achieving it's 100th copper installation placing it high in the world order of copper roofing and walling specialists.

No less than four Copperform projects have achieved major Architectural Awards in Australia and Singapore.


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