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IZIT? Entertainment
IZIT? Entertainment
Entertainment-ALDERLEY, QLD
Entertainment-Alderley, QLD
IZIT? is a Corporate Entertainment supplier and creator
Alderley, Qld, 4051.
Alderley, Qld, 4051.
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IZIT? is a Corporate Entertainment supplier and creator

History/Archival Photos

IZIT? Entertainment was born out of World Expo '88. The Natural Theatre Company from bath England were contract for the whole six months of Expo, employing several local actors and armed with an arsenal of roving characters never enjoyed before by the Australian public, the company literally blew everyone away. 

From these heady days the company continued after Expo and was eventually bought by 7 local actors (“why not create some work for ourselves” we said), we went through a couple of name changes until we settled in with IZIT? Entertainment. In the early years we were a street theatre company offering our own unique characters and performance styles. We traveled Australia with all the major Festivals for the first 5 years as well performing regularly at South Bank and Dreamworld. The needs of the client are varied and with this we realized that offering only our 15 characters and the motto –‘No we don't do clowns', it was time for a re think. 

Our motto was thrown away with the shepherds hook and we have continued to grow and develop our vast array of entertainment options to this day. 

Not only are we proud of the entertainment we both create and offer, but over the last 20 years we have been able to employ numerous actors both in Brisbane and Sydney (and we all know how actors suffer from lack of employment). The caliber of our actors is extremely important because if everything goes pear shaped at an event it is often the roving character actor who is looked upon to get the organizers out of crumbling situation. We would like to acknowledge Kubler Auckland Management as the agency where many of our exceptional actors are sourced from. Please refer to our Hall of fame


The following are various Archival photos:

1988 - World Expo '88                                                            1989 -Dreamworld               1990 - Sydney Festival


1991 - Melbourne Festival                                           1992 - Southbank                        1993 - Castlemaine Festival

1991_Southbank_Burglars1992_Melbourne_Festival_Cleaners1993_Castlemaine_Festival_Secret Agents

1994 - McWhirters Fortitude Valley                          1995 - Traveltrain                                 1996 - South Bank

1994_McWhirters_Xmas_Tree_Heads1995_Qld_RailInspectors1994_SouthBank_Zoo _keepers

1997 - South Bank                                                 1998 - still to come                                1999 - still to come

1997_Dog People






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